The Unsung Hero of the Ramayana - Set of Three Pieces
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This series of three pieces by Abhishek Kalyanpurkar tells the story of Urmila from one of our greatest epics: The Ramayana. Kalyanpurkar’s series Untold Stories from the Ramayana are all depicted through three frames in his signature pop art style. The trinity of frames come together to tell a story from our riveting mythology.


Laxman wanted to protect Rama and Sita during the 14 years of exile, and for that, he wanted to be devoid of sleep. To avoid sleeping, Laxman approached Nidra the Goddess of Sleep and asked her to take back his sleep for 14 years, as depicted in the first frame.


The goddess agreed by saying that someone else would have to sleep on his behalf for fourteen years. Laxman asked his wife Urmila to take his sleep, to which she valiantly agreed, as depicted in the second frame.


Thus as depicted in the third frame, Laxman was able to guard Lord Rama and Sita through their period of exile.


Urmila’s sacrifice is often looked over when the Ramayana is studied, thus this piece aims to glorify her story.


This series is limited edition producing only 14 prints.

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