Tussi Kha Rahe Ho? Tussi Aur Khao!
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India was long famous for its spices even before it became the land of oriental mysteries. Being the spice capital of the world also meant that India is and perhaps will always will be the land of exquisite cuisines. From the spicy aroma of Rasam to the Langara at the gurudwara to the grand thali’s, Indian cuisine is one to be celebrated. In India food and taste aren’t two separate entities from the butter chicken of Punjab to the sweet relishes of the Bengal, or Goa’s freshest home brews and Mumbai’s Bhel, the aroma of food flows the streets like a heavy fog of turmeric, asafoetida, & Chillies. Kalyanpurkar uses his inner comic to express his wonder for all the cuisines as he invites everyone to take this journey with him.

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