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“The Thinker’s Resolve” is a pop art masterpiece that brings together the classical
and contemporary worlds. At the center of the artwork is the famous sculpture of
The Thinker, reimagined with a modern twist. The sculpture is given a new life,
in a sleek marble finish, and enhanced with unique additions that are relevant to
contemporary times. The crimson Nike Jordan sneakers that The Thinker is sporting are the most
startling addition. These sneakers stand for the qualities that modern inventors
are known for: innovation, speed, and advancement. The AirPods that The Thinker is wearing in his ears and the Macbook Air that he is sitting on his lap both represent the technical advancements that have come to define the modern day.
The use of an Ionic pillar as The Thinker’s seat provides a classic touch to the overall artwork, thus combining the old with the new. “The Thinker’s Resolve” aims to make a statement about the concept of innovation and the transformation of our society. It highlights the shift from traditional ideals of wisdom to contemporary ideals of speed and progress. Through the use of pop art, the artwork challenges the viewer to reflect on the changing nature of innovation and how it has transformed the way we view knowledge and wisdom.

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