The Windy peak
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Aloft the windy peaks
Stood a scaled beast
With a mighty roar
The king of winds
And the god of north
called it home

Though his fearsome texture
Ruffled the feathers of man
A kid once climbed the mountain
To find the dragon who sat

Huff! Did the dragon
And breeze flew away
With the child’s hat
As a snore was released under his breath
And earth shook to the beats of his heart.

The child went ahead
To where the mighty god lay asleep
His hat now in the wind
As he moves, the beast
opens his eyes ajar
Seeing the kid in distress
He whistles the wind
And the hats drifts back.

A god from heaven
Said some
A beast of hell
Growled other
Some called him
The king
While others Cursed him
As the tyrant
But the kid knew
He was, but human
His scales shielded him
Not from the winds of cold
But the opinion of others
His wings soared him above
The pesky judgement
And not the skies
His razor like teeth
Ate not the meat
But cut through
the pretense of society.

He may be the beast of legends
But to the child, he was no different
From his grandfather
who sat below the hill Smoking
As the winds carried it uphill
where it became the clouds
that surround the mountains
– A poem by Jeeshnu Gupta

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