The Rome in Romance
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“….Remember that first date, the silent giggle and constant smile, never leaving each other’s sight, then the cab ride to home and the slow lean as you drop them to their door. The first kiss and the first love, It was never about being chivalrous, was it? Being with the right partner just made it happen. They brought out the best in you and you just knew that they were the one for us, be it in the shiny streets of Rome or anywhere else you attract each other like the poles of the magnet and as the rest is as the saying goes, All roads lead to Rom-ance.”

The Designera Launches its new series of intense scented candles, “The Rome in Romance” as a reminder of the early stages of falling in love with that perfect person as time slows down and the world seems to waltz at the slow beats of our hearts.

The vetiver and cinnamon create the warm spicy scent that encompasses us with the warmth of a sunny Sunday afternoon. The Golden Apple and spearmint accentuate sweetness similar to the cool breeze, which makes everything nearby feel much calmer.

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