The reverse river
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A believer of taking the world by a storm, Yash paints what he feels as an expression of his heart being reflected onto a canvas. As a romantic man with a deep heart and a deeper instinct, yash never believes in painting with a preplanned image in mind. “with me drawing is all about the flow. imagine the glaciers cutting through the rock and then travelling in straight line, what beauty would that have? it’s the meandering pattern that makes the river banks so beautiful and the same could be said about life.” he exclaims that as kids when we first take to colours mostly at the age of 4 months, we have no idea of aesthetics and yet we create patterns that make us so much happy. it is only as we grow up in society that we truly start discriminating art, “Aesthetics should not be something embued into our consciousness by the society it should be a free moving part of our subconscious, like the feeling of falling in love, there should be no filters or standard by which one chooses.”

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