The Playful Child
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Percy Mackaye, the famous novelist once said “Every child is an artist, with imagination and the artistic instinct. Life stamps these out…” perhaps it is an ode to how creativity is eroded into complex logistics that become transparent with the passage of time.

Sakshi Jadhav has always believed that art should be created free of restrictions,”When I work, I am dancing around the room, it makes me happy to create something that has my identity mixed into it. much like breathing life into something, I become the creator and my works are my creation.” the greatest joy for an artist, according to Sakshi, is to enjoy the process as much as a child does when they first discover colour.
In this work sakshi uses her creative process to project her inner child, and how the modern contemporary times have affected her to grow into the person she is today. Each layer of paint poured, chanels a part of our young life and character into it.

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