The green mirror
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Yash Majlekar create another piece that baffles our sense of dimension yet again, in this work of his we find his iconic thic strokes replecating the terxture of colored glass and mirrors this is unique not only in style but also in execution of detials. Yash comments, “I was always baffled by mirrors. As a kid I believed that mirrors were magical transparent layers through which everything could pass. as I grew up I was almost dissappointed to learn that infact there is no magiocal realm involved apart from the light coming from me is reflected back onto me., but that all changed when I finally understood what it meant metaphysically. A mirror is opaque with no light source of its own and yet no matter when you look at it, its texture always exists. it may only shine back light, but also assures you that you have the light within you.”

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