The Divine Illusion
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It is said, of the ten incarnations of Vishnu each incarnation had a role to play in the society while Parashuram was the Learned Warrior King, and Rama was the Dutiful Prince, Krishna was the messenger of Love.

It is said that even now when the sunsets on Mathura and the gardens are closed to the public you can hear the gopis playing with Krishna and anyone who dares to witness the acts becomes delirious with joy, for such is his “Leela”.

It is also said that during the Krishna Leela when all of his 8 principle gopis and the 1600 gopis whom he rescued they would dance as Lord Krishna would play his flute, the melody would then create an illusion that made

all the gopis feel that they all were dancing with their own Krishna.

Dinesh Parmar tries to bring out the same sensation that the gopis might have felt in his series: “Leela”


Acrylic On Canvas

44″ x 56″

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