The Dancing Blues
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we spend our day dreaming about the night to come and our Nights worrying about the next day. Sometimes we must simply let it be. put our hair down and just dance.”

Yash ‘Toofan’ Majlekar, is known for the spontaneity in his style. his vibrancies of color and texture make his style ever more iconic and unique. a true compatriot of freedom without border and chaos without order Toofan takes the world by a storm with his latest work, “the Dancing Blues”.

“when I paint, I am not controlled by my emotions, I am ‘it’. I move around picking the colours that reflect me, creating a layer after layer of emotions metaphorised into paint. they say when you dance without the music it is joy, when you skip a beat while dancing your heart is painting a picture that your mind can’t comprehend and as ruffle through the open blank canvas, You are open to experiences that you have never experienced before. I enjoy that feeling” says Toofan when asked about his new style.

he comments “when I was making this painting, I was lost in the thought of love, from the first kiss to the last dance, like a perfect ballet, my life with her flashed before my eyes, from the past experiences we shared, the adventures and misadventures to the future I saw for us. I romanced notion of what love is and the potential it held.

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