The Colors of Freedom & The Beating Heart
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Yash has always been fond of romanticizing the idea of Falling in love, his latest style of paintings he takes a step further as he moves closer to his muse’s misgivings. “Love can be expressed in so many ways, yet sexualizing it is the most literal form of expression”, comments Yash when asked about the inspiration behind his latest series. “I have tried to capture the love shared between the two of us in the form of the different poses that we make, these soft motions then translate to abstraction, as the distances between us reduce” he adds.

In this particular work, Yash further unveils his ongoing love affair with music, paints and his muse with a lot more movement, vibrations, and blurred lines. “We slowly move toward abstraction as the connection deepens, and the closer we get the more our identities are merged into a singular,” adds Yash.

A literal translation of emotions, this work stands independent of every previous works done by him and is a narration of a story being told as it unveils itself over time.

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