The Beauty of Perspective
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Amara de Tori’s mixed-media artwork “The Beauty of Perspective”
explores how colour, texture, and perspective interact. Venus is depicted
in a monochromatic picture in the piece, which is surrounded by a variety
of canvases that are solid colours and have soft hues that blend into one
another. An abstract, geometric shape of superimposed rectangles is
produced by layering each canvas. A Greco-Roman Venus is sculpture that
staring straight at the viewer is portrayed in the painting’s culmination.
This artwork challenges the audience’s viewpoint by showing the beauty
that can be found in various perspectives. The Venus sculpture’s smooth
lines are contrasted with the canvases’ layered, abstract composition
by the artist, who also draws attention to how subjective perception is
and asks the spectator to consider their own definition of beauty. We
are reminded that there are always multiple perspectives on the world
through the use of colour and texture, which highlights the richness and
complexity of viewpoint.

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