"I knew we'd find each other again"
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The tale of Ram and Sita is the tale of lovers meant to be together their love encompasses years of separation to culminate in a meeting once again to finally be together. They are the perfect spouses, each ready to sacrifice for the sake of their better half, to overcome every challenge thrown by the world to be together. In the end, this is a story not uncommon to many of the contemporary lovers.

In this age of digital dating, romance has either died or become irrelevant, relationships have lost so much meaning and have transformed into a time-share. Yet there are those few who are separated from each other either due to circumstances, time, or responsibilities and can still never think of themselves with any other but each other. It is the union of these lost romantics that inspires hope in the heart of people that love still exists and we just might not have met them yet.

Kalyanpurkar paints the pain of separation and joy of finally meeting each other on this canvas. He has no intention to compare the times then to the situation now he only expresses how the names of the characters have changed but the story hasn’t.

This is a limited edition piece producing only 25 prints.

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