Soulmates (5/5)
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Radha & Krishna are the immortal estranged couple, bound by love, they’re separated by fate, destined to live close to each other’s heart and yet never to be together. Their story became the backdrop for every historical tale of tragic romance and was often compared to the “perfect Love”. Kalyan reimagines this passion shared by Radha and Krishna, as Krishna sits on the ledge of the window playing the flute while Radha lovingly embraces him from behind.

Their faces turned towards each other they seem to share a conversation without even speaking a word. Kalyanpurkar paints their expression with a brush and tones of their body language. He then creates a satirical comparison by comparing them to a young couple who have found time to be together after great difficulties.

They know they don’t have a lot of time to be together nor can they stay away for very long, so they must cherish whatever time they have together. Strange how the purest form of love shown between Krishna and Radha still seems so relevant and familiar.

This is a limited edition piece producing only 25 prints.

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