Heart's Overflow
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A one-of-a-kind sculpture called “Heart’s Overflow” was inspired
by the classic elegance of Tiffany’s engagement ring boxes. The
sculpture’s focal point is a meticulously constructed, fiber-cast
reproduction of the famous Tiffany engagement ring box, which is
left open to reveal a glittering display of tiny, ruby-red, laser-cut
acrylic hearts. There is a sensation of overflowing love as these
hearts appear to spill out of the box, tumbling over the edges.
Viewers are drawn in and invited to experience the wonder and
beauty of love
by the hypnotic visual impact created by the interaction of light and
colour along with the intricate textures and patterns of the hearts. A
celebration of the delight, fervor, and magic of love.
The piece honors the enduring tradition of one of the most
recognizable luxury brands in the world while celebrating the joy,
passion, and magic of love.

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