Hanuman and the String of Pearls - Set of Three Pieces
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This series of three pieces by Abhishek Kalyanpurkar tells the story of Hanuman and the String of Pearls from one of our greatest epics: The Ramayana. Kalyanpurkar’s series Untold Stories from the Ramayana are all depicted through three frames in his signature pop art style. The trinity of frames come together to tell a story from our riveting mythology.


Upon coming back victorious from the battle, Rama rewarded everyone in his army with valuable gifts. The first frame depicts Sita giving Hanuman her precious string of pearls, after Hanuman refused to take anything from Lord Rama.


The second frame depicts Hanuman tearing apart each pearl. Astonished by this, Sita asked Hanuman why he was breaking the precious necklace. His response was that he was looking for Rama in each pearl but was unable to find him.


The ministers of the court starting mocking Hanuman for his devotion, and one of them asked hanuman if his body also has Rama in it. In response, Hanuman tore his chest open and residing in his heart was the image of Rama and Sita depicted in the third frame.

This series is limited edition producing only 14 prints.

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