Chaos in a nutshell
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Lines, colours, and rhythm define the very structure of how we structure everything we consider beautiful. Even Aesthetics is varied concept, the very identity of beauty is chaos and yet somehow embracing it is considered dangerous, so much so that even Plato once wrote that in the eutopian society poets and artist shall always be the agent of chaos, and be the reason for the downfall of art.

Sakshi Jadhav is no stranger to chaneling chaos into her works. “All my life, I was told to colour within thge lines, to draw lines that are symetric and follow a beat that could only make a marching band proud. It was only later that I realized the joy of dancing to beats of Jazz and leting the go of the lines set by society. I am no longer limited by the inhibitions of socials constraints”, she Comments.

“I enjoy bringing the sense of chaos from my life into my works, for my creations are after all a reflection of me.” she adds as we ask her to explain her thought behind this brand new work

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