Bubbled Lens
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Optical Illusions is a form of abstract art in which conflicting patterns emerge, overlap or create a mirage of movements by precise use of patterns.
Vidi’s attraction to this specific genre of art stems from my inclination towards using geometry and mathematical precision to create art that encourages and leaves room for varied interpretations, curiosity and conversations. Without digital and technological intervention, purely working by hand brings about an unparalleled satisfaction.
Vidi says, “Being an artist is a way of life – the dedication, the passion, and commitment to your art– I look inwards for inspiration, which I then bring to a blank surface.”
Her inclination towards art and mathematics aids her precision allowing her to further fine tune her skills as an OP artist. The world of Hard Edges, geometric 3D art and OP art gives me an opportunity to play with constructing 3D effects that play with a roving perspective to bring about a movement and mystery as the viewer interacts with each artwork.

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