Bharat Milap - Set of Three Pieces
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This series of three pieces by Abhishek Kalyanpurkar tells the story of the “Bharat Milap” from one of our greatest epics: The Ramayana. Kalyanpurkar’s series Untold Stories from the Ramayana are all depicted through three frames in his signature pop art style. The trinity of frames come together to tell a story from our riveting mythology.


The first frame depicts Kaikeyi having Ram exiled to the forest for 14 years, after being influenced by her helper, Manthra. Manthra convinces Kaikeyi that she should selfishly have her own son, Bharat hail as king, and not Ram, who was the eldest and next in line for the throne.


The second frame depicts Ram, Sita and Lakshman in the forest after being exiled from Ayodhya where they spent 14 years.


The third frame depicts Bharat taking Ram’s ‘padukas’ to sit on the throne until his beloved, elder brother returns to Ayodhya to hail as the king. The noble Bharat refuses to take the throne in Ram’s absence and insists that until he can return for himself, Ram’s shoes will sit on the throne.

This series is limited edition producing only 14 prints.

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