A tale of the Monk & a Lotus
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In the cosmos, it is the unity of opposing forces that keeps the balance. This union is given various names in different traditions, the Chinese Ying and yang, the dark and light, or even good and evil. These opposing forces flow through each mortal, the nature of this flow, according to Vedic rituals, happens in the cross-legged lotus position or Padma-Asana making it the tradition position for meditation. Kalyanpurkar represents buddha seated in the Padma-Asana as his profile is visible to everyone. The iconography of him holding the lotus also alludes to Avalokiteshvara or Amitabha Bodhistava from the Vajrayana tradition. The lotus in itself has a symbolises  divinity and purity in the buddhist religion. The use of both the Asana and Lotus together illustrates the union of opposite forces flowing to form a blooming lotus, a symbol of enlightenment.

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